The last shot “weebly” and Farewell to CALL..

I am not happy for saying goodbye to CALL course because when I look back I think how much we have learnt in just one term. Without this lesson, maybe we could have never heard of these technological inventions or innovations. Thanks to CALL,  now we are all aware of all the things that the world already know.  Without this lesson maybe I wouldn’t know “Dropbox, NPR, WIZIQ, Weebly” So why should I want this lesson to come to an end? I am sure there are more of these kind of things that we should learn..

Again I wish I had a Smart Phone -.-

This week we’ve learnt about Podcast, National Public Radio and Audioboo.

From now on, plus TRT we can listen to NPR 🙂 I think instead of using facebook, twitter or skype; we can better learn with NPR. because in NPR there is no way to chat and go out of the matter.

And about Audioboo… I think it is a good device to use, you can just record your voice and share it with others. the simplicity of the system is good.And I’m saying it again that I wish I had Smart Phone to follow NPR 🙂

Digital storytelling

When I’ve heard of it in the class, the first think that comes to my mind is I have a little kid sitting on my knees and i am reading the story that I create on my own. 🙂 This is the sweetest work that we’ve learnt in CALL course so far. 🙂 The best part of this work is you create what is on your mind, you don’t need to search for the exact thing that you are looking for. you can just make your own story with the pictures you chose, with the story you wished. 🙂


I am also using using these three technological inventions and I really like them but the problem is that they are (especially facebook) taking most of my time in vain. And we are talking about using them for education but I don’t think it will be a good idea to formally apply it in the schools. But, we are already learning the language with the help of them by accident. For instance we have foreigner friends on facebook, on twitter and on skype, we can get in touch with them and so we practice the common language. But I am not sure if we should use them or can use them for the sake of education.

That’s true we all use these devices but we don’t use them to learn language; we learn it while using them at that moment.


I don’t remember the difference between dokeos and nicenet (if any?) but what I understand is both have the same function. I think I don’t like the idea of online classroom because it seems unreal to me and seems so so so different from a real classroom environment. As I said before I am not against that sort of online teaching/ learning devices. However, I prefer being taught in a real class rather than online classes.


While we still have some problems with normal classroom routines and in normal classroom environment, I don’t know how effective can be Wiziq in Turkey. Yes, I have no doubt, it is so useful and functional but it is beyond our depth. I am sure that it will be abused. But If only we had such online courses and experience such a functional technological device for our education.

This courses is under the control of teacher, I am not clear about if it is good or not, because it seems to me like the teacher is the head and the students can only do what the teacher lets them to do. It is not a spontaneous classroom environment. Maybe I want to talk and share my ideas with my deskmate, or maybe I wanna ask a question to my deskmate because it does not worth to ask such a simple question to teacher and does not worth wasting her/his time with such kind of questions. If the teacher doesn’t let us to rise our hands in that online classes, there no use of being a student. I am not against of WIZIQ but also I am not a advocate of it 🙂 

better presentations with prezi :)

Actually I had witnessed the presentations made with Prezi and when I first saw it in the class I asked myself what the hell is that?? :S It seemed so different and the the slides were jumping like a bird is jumping from one bough to the other bough. 🙂 I asked the question “what is that?” but I could’t get the answer. so I just watched them 😀 but fortunately we had CALL course and I have learned that strange presentation’s name. 😀